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Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, Sept. 18 through Sept. 24

Good morning!

Despite having worked just four days this week, I have eleven stories to share with you today and a few not yet posted, so watch for them over the long weekend.

The final three parts of the six-part series about the finding of the remains of a World War II Army veteran and bringing them home for burial more than seven decades after he went missing posted this past week and those are part of the eleven.

You can also read all six installments here.

For a recap of last weeks at-home writing retreat, read this post.

Here is a recap of projects-in-progress on the fiction front and my goals for this weekend.

I'll reconnect with Call of the Siren (the second book in the Limbo series) tonight by reading through last week's work. And then I'll start working, in a very upu close and granular way, on all the areas I've sectioned off. I have no timetable for getting this done because this is where the quality of the writing counts.

We have two books in progress for The Adventures of Cornell Dyer series to share (Cornell Dyer and the "Mistical" Being, co-written by Rebekah, who is recovering from surgery) and Cornell Dyer and the Calcium-Deficient Bones (co-written by Timothy), which is almost ready for editing.

Our artist Sue Midlock is nearly done with the chapter heading illustrations for "Mistical Being." Sue is still experiencing some issues from her surgery in June, so the art is coming along slowly. Please keep the good thoughts/prayers coming for Sue. 

Timothy is currently outlining another Cornell Dyer story. This one is another parody and features a character named Sherman Homes.

A few weeks back, Sarah had a crazy dream that sounded perfect for An Adventure of Cornell Dyer mystery. But she wants time to draw some sketches, a map, and write the "rules." It's called Cornell Dyer and the House of Broken Portals.

Bertrand the Mouse has returned, and you can read about it herehere, and here

Jennifer Wainright (frontispiece artist for Lycanthropic Summer) has completed two portraits for  "Girls of the BryonySeries" series for tween girls. It's beautiful and it shows that artist Jennifer Wainright can draw anything from werewolves to portraits! 

She was working on art for the third book (I have eight planned in all and two in progress). Jennifer is also recovering from a motorcyle accident, so please send up good thoughts for her, too!

Now back to the eleven stories. Simply click on the link of the story that looks interesting to you. Happy scrolling!

But before the stories, I have a list of additional resources and information. Please check them out, too -

Finally, if you'd like to find more kindness in your life, consider this book.

And have a great Friday!


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If you need support in your writing, I highly recommend this Twitter group: #5amwritersclub. I  joined it last year. Writers support each other on Twitter and meet every three weeks at 5 a.m. (4 a.m. CST - needless to say, I am often late!) on Zoom.

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The final three parts of "Arthur Countryman"

 ‘Well, I guess I don’t have a dad anymore’:WWII #Army veteran laid to rest in Plainfield 77 years after he’s killed

Here’s what happened to Arthur Countryman in Germany’s Hürtgen Forest: WWII Army veteran laid to rest in Plainfield 77 years after he’s killed

Arthur Countryman comes home 7 decades after he left to serve his country: WWII Army veteran laid to rest in Plainfield 77 years after he’s killed

Illustration by Matt Coundiff for "Visage."

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