Tuesday, June 11, 2024

BryonySeries Summer Book Sale at The Book Market (With Ribbit-Ribbits)

Good morning!

Last week, Rebekah curated a display of BryonySeries books at The Book Market that are either summer-themed or would make great summer reading.

Rebekah and Daniel also made this terrific sign to accompany it, a project so interesting that I will blog about it next week.

In addition to the books, we have....


That's the name Cindy gave to her little crocheted animals. Cindy surprised me with a boxful as giveaways with purchase last December. At the time, Cindy said she had lots of fun accessorizing them.

So she's created a fresh batch of summer-themed animal friends that are also for sale at The Book Market.

Each Ribbit-Ribbit is $12 or $6 with the purchase of any BryonySeries book. Additional BryonySeries titles are available in the store. The discounted price for Ribbit-Ribbits are not limited to the books on display.

There is no limit to how many Ribbit-Ribbits you can buy. Ribbit-Ribbits are available while supplies last (we have more than what is on display).

These are super cute, a must-see item in person, and the perfect reading companion for any age since they will just sit quietly next to you and not interrupt your reading.

Happy Tuesday - and happy summer reading fun in the sun!

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