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Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, March 26 through March 31

It's been an incredibly packed week with an unexpected life stressers: extra work in preparation for a church spaghetti dinner, one very sick cat, one son sick with either the flu or flu-like illness, and I woke up with a sore throat this morning, too.

Plus, some imp has tossed pebbles in my path all week, so that I'm entering a very packed Friday very much behind. Some good thoughts and prayers much appreciated.

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Mokena man finds a father figure in 90-year-old Joliet veteran (VIDEO EXTRA)

“He’s been with me through thick and thin," Tom Grotovsky of Mokena said. "Through my trials and errors in life, and in business and in relationships, he’s mentored me and given me encouragement, and told me to keep praying, and told me God is going to reward me. He [God] has already rewarded me by giving me a friend like Albert.”

For the 2013 story on how this Mokena man sent his Joliet friend//mentor on Honor Flight Chicago, read Mokena man helps Joliet WWII vet to a special day at

For my 2013 blog post on this pair, read

An Extraordinary Life: Joliet man of faith was known for building

Andrew Betts lived for God and shared his construction talents at home and church

“He never boasted about the things he did. He was just an awesome man of God,” Bonnie Winfrey of Joliet, said. “He built a legacy of love and a spirit of ‘I can.’ People can look at his life and pattern it after him and know they can go after the things they feel is impossible.”

By coincidence, Joliet mother and son both have seizure disorders
Absence seizures may resemble daydreams

Dr. Takijah Heard, pediatric epileptologist and neurologist at NorthShore University HealthSystem in Evanston, said some seizures are very subtle and can be difficult to diagnose if people never see them

Mystery Diner: Merichka's is family owned since 1933, famous for fine dining and poorboy

Now, the Merichka’s name is associated with its famous poorboy sandwich: 6 ounces of tenderized cube steak on a toasted roll drenched in minced garlic and butter, mozzarella cheese extra.

Joliet Jewish Congregation educates about Passover at local Jewel Osco

Rabbi Charles Rubovits said Christians are interested in their Old Testament roots. Celebrating Passover with a Seder meal is one way to connect with those roots.

Photos: A brief guide to Passover from Joliet Jewish Congregation

Joliet area residents foster healing through painting, poetry and theater (VIDEO EXTRA)

Meet three people with lofty purpose behind their artistic vision

Two couples donated $100,000 to create a contemplative place near a local hospital's emergency department for families with seriously injured or recently passed away loved ones.

One woman publishers her original poetry about her struggles so others can find a companion in theirs, too.

A fourteen-year-old girl began her own theater company to produce fundraising musicals and donate the free will offerings from performance to those in need.

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