Wednesday, November 2, 2016

You May Wonder: Do I ever Watch TV?

Rarely. I stopped in my sophomore year in high school. Lineup up at the time included Charley's Angels, Three's Company, and Starsky and Hutch. Even then, I wanted to spend my time in other ways, like writing.

However, when insomnia hit last year, I also realized the wisdom in stepping away from the computer, work, and my own thoughts for an hour before bedtime - and toward two adult children who insist I "really need to watch this show."

And they're right. Because they know my tastes.

So in the last couple of years, I have watched the following shows with my Rebekah or Daniel, depending upon who was home in that last hour (Sunday through Thursday). Which means I watch  a grand total of four to five hours of television a week (at best, sometimes less if I can only make one 30-minute episode).

1) "Family Guy" (Daniel, incomplete)

2) "Sherlock" (Daniel, incomplete)

3) "Once Upon a Time" (Sarah, Rebekah, incomplete, show got boring after the first season)

4) "Smallville (Daniel, complete)

5) Bojack Horseman (Daniel, complete, eagerly awaiting the next season)

6) "Bob's Burgers" (Rebekah and Daniel, current season in progress)

7) "Futurama" (Daniel, current watch)

9) :Outlander" (Rebekah, current watch, second season almost complete, in anticipation of season three)

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