Monday, November 21, 2016

Three Good Reasons to Take a Three-Day Break: Ezekiel, Jessica, and Riley

The downside to working many hours as a newspaper features editor and writer, as well as having a solitary hobby I love (writing fiction), coupled with the current inability to afford a car poses a distinct challenge when it comes to spending time with family that doesn't live nearby.

So with some leftover vacation time that needs using up before the end of 2016, I decided to spend some of it with family.

I spent the last three days about an hour away from home at my son Joshua's and his wife Amber's home being mother and mother-in-law and as well as grandmother to Ezekiel (4), Jessica (2) and Riley (4 months and born this year on my birthday).

Timothy hung out with me on Friday and played uncle. Rebekah hung out with me on Saturday and Sunday and played aunt.

And what did we do?

I colored and played with stickers and sticker book with Jessica, browsed through Spiderman comic books with Ezekiel, danced to Colby's Missing Memory with Jessica and Riley, played Candyland (Joshua, Rebekah, Ezekiel, and Jessica, with Amber and Riley looking on), watched bad stand-up comedians with Timothy, introduced Joshua to Galavant, and watched Koran dramas with Rebekah.

I ate pizza from Aurelios twice, compliments of Joshua managing the local venue. I taught my monthly writer's workshop (and I have a new student) on Friday night, hardly missed a beat on exercise, read some, and slept full night's sleep on Friday and Saturday , luxury in and of itself. 

On Sunday, we all attended the church of Amber's choice. This brought the double blessing into running into an old friend (guitar player in the worship band) and a great message of dying to self.

I changed plenty of diapers and even mixed up two batches of formula, a first for this former nursing mom (Amber's breast pump broke).

In short, I had a fantastic weekend!

Today it's back to work for just three days, a marathon feat since five days will have to be crammed into these three.  But first, a few photos of some of the most important people in my life.

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