Monday, October 3, 2016

Munsonville Happenings

I've been busy, and here's a recap.

First, a couple of new books.

One: I've finally published "Snowbell." It's available at Amazon, but here's the thing. I'm mainly giving it away, to fans and anyone who wishes to reach a sample of my writing. I'll fifteen print copies to give away at each of these two events: Oct. 8 and Oct. 22. For event details, see

Two: The art is completed for my first book of the middle school series, The Adventures of Cornell Dyer. We're working on editing and formatting Cornell Dyer and the Missing Tombstone, and aiming for an early November release.

Three: The art of the first book for young children about Bertrand the Mouse is also shot. We're also working at formatting Bertrand and the Lucky Clover, and also aiming for an early November release. We're also planning an Instagram "Where's Bertrand" type of account, so stay tuned.\

Four: We've started a BryonySeries Pinterest page, but right now it's dormant. We'll be getting to that soon (I hope).

Five: BryonySeries Twitter is alive and well. This account is different from the blog and Facebook. On it are links to any topic pertaining to the BryonySeries, as well as links to the blog, the BryonySeries Facebook page, and this blog. Follow the page at @BryonySeries.

Six: Making slow, but very sure, progress on Before the Blood. I spend about half an hour each morning, some Friday evenings, and as much of a Saturday as I can spare.

Seven: I also have a side project I've completed and am now soliciting funds. More on this later, as it's a post of its own.

Gotta get some BTB work done before I switch to social media for The Herald-News. Happy Monday, vampire fans!

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