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Throwback Thursday: So Let Me Tell You About My Freak "Bryony" Accident

Thursday, August 9, 2012

So Let Me Tell You About My Freak "Bryony" Accident

On Thursday evening, Sarah Stegall, Bryony's online administrator, and I exchanged the following texts:

Me: "I just had a very Bryony accident.

Sarah: "You fell down the ladder." (I have an attic office, accessible only by ladder).

Me: "Oh, very good. No, I just got hit in the head with a piano."

Sarah: "Is your neck crooked?"

Me: "No, but Timothy's screen is smashed."

Sarah: "Does his come with a lifetime warranty? It should."

Me: "No. One year, he thinks."

Sarah: Doesn't Channahon Computer Repair cover that?"

Me: "Unfortunately, no."

Sarah: :(

Me: "I'm concerned about all this concern for a PIANO."

Sarah: "You said your neck wasn't crooked. What else is there?

Me: "My head hurts." :(

Sarah: "Oh, sorry." :(

Me: Lol! Trying to make light of it. Might make a good blog post."

This is what happened. While surfing YouTube Tuesday for a particular video, I came across a rare interview with a very young Jack Wild. After I shared it with Timothy and Daniel, for comparison, I began searching via Timothy's laptop for one of Jack's last appearances, after cancer had claimed his tongue, and he could no longer speak.

As I was doing so, Timothy's very large, very heavy paino keyboard fell off the wall and clocked me in the side of the head, knocking me to the ground. Timothy blamed Daniel, who blamed the piano, and I staggered away for ice.

I thought it was little weird that the piano hit me on one side of the head, and I felt discomfort on the other, but since I otherwise felt fine, I refused Timothy's offer for a ride to the emergency room, and instead went to bed.

He awakened me at three o'clock in the morning, to be sure I did indeed awaken, and then I returned to sleep. The next day, I just felt "off." My brain was foggy; my head hurt more; my stomach felt unsteady, as did my balance; and all I wanted to do was sleep. So, I took that trip to the hospital.

One neurological exam (which I passed) and CT scan later, I learned I had a mild concussion (no surprise there) and some whiplash (a nod to Snowbell, after all, despite the lack of torticollis). I returned home to my assignments, but although I plodded along, concentration proved daunting.

I gave it up early, which means I am now behind schedule today. I'm sure the day will be an alternate of taking the whip to my back and making allowances for my slowness. At any event, I DID get a blog post out of it, so that's one story accomplished today. Onward to the next project!

And since you're probably curious, here's the clip that started the whole incident:

Excuse me while I grab an ice pack....

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