Friday, August 15, 2014

Short and to the Point of What We Do

Quite randonly, I read something the other day that has just stuck.

I can't remember the entire quote but it read something to the effect that many (granted, not all) problems are caused by communication that isn't honest and clear, both on the part of the do-er and the hear-er of the words.

Can you imagine communication that is totally lacking in prejudice, back-pedaling, back-biting, self-justification, and totally untinged with past experiences? Because when it is not, we end up with

*  slander

*  libel

*  misunderstandings

*  resentments

*  distrust

*  hostility

*  separateness

*  confusion

*  defensiveness

By the way, "clear and honest" doesn't mean jabbing someone in the heart with your words. I think whether communication is face to face, via text, email, blogs, novels, or any broadcast media, the communicator should strive for "clear and honest" in a way that is respectful of and present to the listener.

And vice versa.

If everyone did this, - my God! - the possibilties...

And catching up...

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