Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Now That It's Out There...

 My publicist (back when I had a budget for one) would chastise me for my lack of self-promotion, but the very word leaves an icky taste in my mouth.

That said, one of my goals this year is to teach myself more about marketing, the type that doesn't come with the taste. I am learning that some people want to read what I've written and learn from knowledge I've acquired, which can't happen if I don't at least put the information out there.

That said. I was totally clueless when one of the reporters sent an email round the editorial staff yesterday with the subject line: Look who made the wall of the Plainfield Library !!!!

Who, I wondered, and then clicked on the attachment. Truly a face palm moment.

So if you're a writer, interested in the revision process, and will be anywhere in the vicinity of the Plainfield Library, swing by Monday night. It sounds like the group will be small, and I'm low-key and informal, really just a sitting 'round the table and sharing what I hope will be useful tips for shining up the prose.

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