Thursday, February 4, 2016

BryonySeries Throwback Thursday: Full Monday!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Full Monday!

Early morning walk today, followed by five interviews (including one "in person"), then it was off to Morris to visit my new baby grandson and his parents.

On the way home, we stopped to grab a few extra items for dinner. Next, Daniel and I will be finishing up his homework, but while he washed a few frying pans he left soaking in the kitchen sink, I ran upstairs for a quick mail check and blog posting.

Later, I have four stories to edit and send (If I can track Rebekah down to help with photos, harder to do now that she's in North Carolina), plus three additional stories I haven't even yet begun to write, which I'll be shelving until later this week.

And Visage, well I haven't even looked at Visage in a week (at least), so I know what I'll be doing this holiday weekend.

Tomorrow, I'll be spending a good chunk of the day at the University of St. Francis in Joliet working on Bryony the audio book. Accompanying me will be the list of phone calls I neglected today.

So what's on a writer's desk this week?

   *  a Memorial Day piece about a local woman who was a welding foreman working on navy contracts during World War II.

   * a stand-up comedian who wrote a novel semi-based on his experiences

   *  two teen rappers that have been touring colleges. They have a decent YouTube following, too.

   *  a master pastry chef who will be competing at the World Pastry Cup in France this January

   *  a 12 year girl who is running her own cupcake business

   *  a local church who scrapped worshipp services one Sunday in favor of community service

   *  a fatherhood conference

   *  a happy adoptee from a local rescue who is returning the favor by hosting a benefit

   *  a man who wrote a book documenting his multiple sclerosis experiences

   *  two Extraordinary Life interviews (my regular feature about recently deceased people who have lived interesting and/or inspiring lives)

   *  a couple who is carrying twins conjoined at the spine

   *  childhood sleep apnea

   * a hospital press release about a lab accreditation

A bonus: the house is super-quiet . Not only is Rebekah out of town, but Christopher is in Florida for a couple of weeks, so consequently, his boys won't be here, either. Even the cats are taking advantage of the stillness by "catnapping" quite a bit.

And did I mention Timothy received all "A's" (four in all) for spring semester? Way to go, little chef!

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