Thursday, January 28, 2016

BryonySeries Throwback Thursday: My DNA Told Me To Like It

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My DNA Told Me To Like It.

I read an article online today about a woman, JJ Virgin, who is a nutritionist on freaky eaters. Her response to a question involving genetics claimed my attention. From science or news, liking french fries compared to apples, genetics are playing a larger role in how we look at ourselves. The theory that we are predisposed into having a disease, being overweight, or liking certain flavors is downright scary. We walk around thinking that we are individuals, only to discover that our parents, grand parents, great-grand parents, and so on have played a larger role than we had once imagined.

So if we are inheriting more than just silver candlesticks these days, do we have any control over what genetic testing says we're prone to? I believe so. Ever see studies on identical twins? One lives in a different environment/climate and makes positive health choices, while the other is making poor health choices. In just a few years the differences are noticeable, twenty years and you wouldn't even know they were related. We can help ourselves by prevention.

The theory about genetics wasn't as well understood in 1975 as it is today. Other than the discovery method to isolate and analyze DNA fragments, known as the "Southern blot analysis," most discoveries have been made in the last couple decades. As far as Bryony goesdoes that mean Melissa was meant to make a deal with a vampire and it was passed through someliteracy genes? It sure gives me something to think about.

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