Friday, July 3, 2015

Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, Week of June 28, 2015

In theory, this is a day soon as I get some work done, LOL!

Below is a recap of my non-fiction activities this week. All the feature briefs, along with the event calendars - health, faith, and arts and entertainment - can be found at the link below. The fourth, Gotta Do It, runs each Sunday.

Check back with each day for new event listings.

And now, the main stories:

Joliet motivational speaker wants seniors to embrace new experiences
By Dawn Aulet

Think certain opportunities have passed you by? Rufus Stephens wants you to think again. Everything you've done up to this point has been training for the next project, Stephens feels.

An Extraordinary Life: Pastor emeritus of Joliet church lived the joy of his faith

One of those joys was taking kids to camp, where they could sit under the stars and bask in the glory of God's creation.

Pets of the Week

I had inadvertantly written "Pests of the Week," which a reporter caught and fixed. But for those that have pets...or wish they had pets...

Joliet treatment and recovery center has success with holistic approach
By Sean Leary

Learn not only what Stepping Stones has done for one man, read what this man now does for Stepping Stones.

Lockport woman runs ministry to provide inner city youth with basic needs.
By Allison Selk

How basic? How about a drive to collect 1000 pillows? Find out why this is so important to this woman.

Youth with special needs becomes superheroes at a Lemont camp

To watch students who are confined to wheelchairs soar across a stage was powerful.

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