Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"BryonySeries for Families" Tour Host: Allie Rios

Our very last stop on our very first BryonySeries blog tour brings my intention for the series full circle.

According to her Amazon author page, Allison Rios was born and raised in Joliet, Illinois. Writing has been her relaxation and hobby since childhood, when she began taking notes on neighborhood happenings (the big stuff, like someone mowing a lawn or washing a car) and putting together hand-written newspapers. 

She grew into a career in public relations, marketing and web but never lost the love for writing fiction. In between a full-time job, chauffeuring kids and shopping for high heels, she spends her free time typing out daydreams and creating new worlds with her imagination – a hobby she likes to share with her children. 

Allison has written and self-published a fictional series about a healer who can cure any illness with a single touch and a book of first person non-fictional accounts from her and other contributors about loved ones' brain tumor experiences. Proceeds from the book were donated to the American Brain Association.

She will soon release two novels: "Fifteen Years" and "Too Much Love." 

Now back to BryonySeries...

I wrote the initial book for teen girls, but the series has morphed into one entire families can enjoy together.

Allie Rios, whose blog "I'm More Than Just a Mom," sent me ten questions that explores this aspect of the BryonySeries. Allie is a beautiful, sincere, giving woman, as well as an author in her own right, and I'm honored and humbled to be her guest.

You can read the post at the link below:

The entire tour will be archived on the BryonySeries website within a week or so. The TurnAbout Tour begins next Monday.

Stay tuned!

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