Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"BryonySeries and Baseball" Tour host: Sue Merrell

Second stop on the BryonySeries Inaugural Blog Tour is the blog of Sue Merrell

According to her Amazon page, Sue graduated from the nation's oldest journalism school (J-School at Mizzou), spent more than 30 years at newspapers in Texas, South Carolina, Illinois and Michigan, covering everything from the cops beat and school boards to writing a singles column and editing a food section. 

She spent the last 10 years of her full-time journalism career reviewing theater for The Grand Rapids Press. Soon after retiring in 2009 she wrote a memoir, Laughing for a Living, about her years as an entertainment writer. In 2010 she launched a mystery/thriller series with Great News Town. The second book in the series, One Shoe Off, was released in December 2012. 

The third book, Full Moon Friday, was released June 13, 2014, on a full moon Friday the 13th. Sue lives on a lake in Michigan.

Sue's stop on the tour connects the BryonySeries to baseball. How is that possible? Well, you just have to read the post:


For more baseball stats on authors, check back HERE on Wednesdays during the month of May.

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As with any "road trip," you might like to pick up some souvenirs. Check out Sue's HERE.

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Happy traveling!

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