Tuesday, June 20, 2017

First Person? Third Person?

This was my dilemna going into the fifth and final unfinished novel in the series that comprises the entire prequel: Before the Blood.

I'm not even certain how this became a "thing."

All of the books, so far, in the BryonySeries are written in third person perfect. Which means the reader has the benefits of a first person perspective with a wider view. I had no intention of changing that.

Am I opposed to first person? No, when this series is complete, I have a werewolf story I began-ish a few years ago, and that story is told first person.

So what nagged at me to write the final BTB novel from a different point of view?

Two reasons.

One, since I already wrote novel number three from Bryony's perspective, I didn't want the final book to echo one from the past.

Two, Bryony's voice.

I kept "hearing" certain passages in a distant, surreal, first-person voice that I wanted to capture. But writing it in first person also felt disconnected from the Bryony in book number three, and I wanted the "voice" to be seamless and true.

So although I usually feel frustrated at the lack of sufficient novel-writing time, I kinda welcomed it these last few weeks while I pondered a solution.

And then Saturday morning, while cleaning house, it came to me.

I'll do both.

The body of the novel will be third person perfect.

But the voice of Bryony's ghost will interject comments in certain places, almost the way an occasional first-person a narrative breaks into a film's main action.

So in my early morning writing, I'll be editing the remaining shreds of Henry and fixing the typos in Cornell.

But this come Saturday...

I can't wait to write in earnest this weekend!

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