Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Writing/Marketing Progress Summary

One, two, three, GO!

1) I spent about 12 hours working on Henry's chapter eight of Before the Blood last Saturday, assuming I'd complete it. However, the story took an unexpected turn requiring further development. So even though I'm the weekend editor this coming weekend, I SHOULD be able to finish it. In the meantime in my early morning writing time, I'm editing/fleshing out the stuff from Saturday.

2) No progress the last couple weeks on my second Cornell Dyer chapter book, Cornell Dyer and the Necklace of Forgetfulness. Hoping to add a chapter this coming weekend.

3) However, Joliet Montessori School has ten copies of Cornell Dyer and the Missing Tombstone, which they're using as a school project. Meaning the students have read and passed them around for review/critiquing practice. I'm meeting with them next week to discuss the book and hear their feedback,and I'm super excited about this. We're planning to post their reviews on the BryonySeries website. And speaking of which...

4) Rebekah did a super job with the new website, keeping the "feel" of the old one with a cleaner, updated look. However, the domain didn't transfer so (always something) so she's going to look into it when she has a moment - and probably not this week.

5) As far as reviews go, I appealed for them on social media. I supplied the books. No reviews yet. Need to reach back out to the reviewers...

6) Staying the course of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and, of course this blog. Time to review my marketing plan and see what's next!

7) I'm also developing a grassroots marketing plan for WriteOn Joliet members. More on this later.

8) Finally, I had planned to shoot Bertrands's First Book of Numbers last weekend but got too caught up in BTB. But I DO have all the props (bought those last weekend), which are taking up space on my bedroom/slash office floor. Here's the proof.


hollycoopcards said...

Update for me...review to come soon. I am enjoying "Bryony" very much. Had a few weeks of not getting much reading in as other obligations have been taking up my time but I'm back into it now :)

Denise M. Baran-Unland said...

Holly, I completely understand! I look forward to reading your feedback. Also, I am really enjoying my daily "cup of inspiration."