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Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, April 23 through April 28

Bits and soundbites today:

A tragic week for Joliet: Timeline: The disappearance and death of Preston Heights toddler Semaj Crosby:

A productive week for Before the Blood and my features section, as I worked ahead a bit.

A story given to me via the news section as it was too feature-y and long for news, which helped me get ahead this week and gave me time to put together Women of the Year and collaborate with a colleague and Top 25 Students, much appreciated.

A productive week, exercise-wise, as I'm nearly back to my pre-flu routine.

A frustrating week for the BryonySeries website, which we are addressing.

A few glitches with The Herald-News new website. For instance, uploading videos to stories displaces the photos and multiple photos don't always appear with the stories when viewed via desktop, although they now show up on mobile devices, the opposite case with the previous site. So if you're viewing Pets of the Week on your desktop, you'll only see one pet. Hopefully this is soon resolved.

An overly full day of interviews starting at 10 a.m. and continuing through 5 p.m. - with tight deadlines before and after.

Treating today as a regular work day. Hoping to leave around 6-ish tonight to update the budget and get to bed early so I can write fiction in the very early morning and spend the day running a errands and working.

Am totally looking forward to a fiction weekend next weekend.

And now...

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If you'd like to watch a video, and it's not showing up for you, message me, and I'll manually attach it. No worries for this week, though, although I will have videos for Sunday.

Thank you for reading The Herald-News.

Former Lockport resident finds the cause of his life in Syria
By SARWAT S. AHMAD Shaw Media correspondent

Kahler said he has devoted most of his life to providing medical care to underserved areas, not only as a medical missionary but also in the 34 years he worked at Cook County Hospital in Chicago.

But in the last four years, after a bout with cancer, “something changed in him” and he began to view his purpose differently.

Women of the Year

The Herald-News continues its long-standing tradition of recognizing women and the valuable contributions they make to their communities. The following women, about two dozen in all, are being recognized as the 2017 “Woman of the Year” by their churches and organizations.

JCA and JTHS students awarded 2017 Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry Top 25 Students

The 75 students from these three schools received proclamations from State Senators Pat McGuire and Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant.

An Extraordinary Life: Plainfield pastor hosted wild game dinners to bring hunters to God
Rick Mullan desired all to know the gospel for the right reasons

Yet the wild game dinner was not bait to get people into the church. In fact, in a 2015 Herald-News story, Rick stressed the necessity of being authentic, especially to outdoorsmen.

“Be real,” Rick said. “They can smell when someone is not authentic.”

Pets of the Week: April 24

Click on the caption of each photo to find out about that pet, including where he or she can be adopted.

Mystery Diner: 12 Handles' taco special worth a Monday night visit

I ordered the chicken tinga tacos, with pulled chicken, crispy potatoes, roasted chili crema, lettuce and pickled onion, and headed to the drink menu.

Celebrating 50 years this weekend, Joliet church is seeing a resurgence in growth
Church puts no limits on what God can do

Pastoring a small congregation brought challenges Tyler Hubbell, 25,  hadn’t anticipated.

“For instance, when I was first here, I watched a lot of YouTube videos about how to fix things around the building,” Tyler said. “There was no one available to do those things.”

Admission to annual Corvette show benefits Easterseals Joliet Region
Corvettes Unlimited hosting annual show at Hawk Chevrolet

“People are just fascinated with Corvettes so they go to see different kinds,” Debbie Slaboszewski said. “I think they’re unique. The body style is different. They’re fast. And they’re pretty. I know guys don’t want to say a car is pretty, but they are. They’re very nice-looking vehicles.”

Artworks: Teen Manhattan vocalist encourages young people to be creative
Teen vocalist Micaela Beck doesn’t limit her artistic expression

“She has highly relative pitch, which is very rare, and she has wonderful tone quality,” Gregory Day, Beck's voice teacher, said. “Her musicianship is very, very high and years beyond her chronological age. She has all the pieces of the puzzle to make the puzzle complete as a musician.”

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