Sunday, April 2, 2017

Still Sick, Still Staying Off Social Media ( Except to Post These Great Photos)

So Daniel and I sat out yesterday's spaghetti dinner at our church, St. Nicholas in Homewood, but the day was significant for several reasons. Here's a few

Our primary source of advertising. Seriously.

Rebekah, with help from Timothy, made one hundred and twenty of these loaves for garlic bread for two nights after hours at work. Timothy said the garlic bread was a hit this year: eight orders of bread for every one to two orders of spaghetti.

Over one hundred tickets were processed (totally about four hundred dinners), and this was the entire kitchen crew...minus Rebekah who had to bow out to run the raffle by herself because I was sick.

Rebekah with some of the raffle afghans. One woman with many health problems crocheted all of them. She also crochets afghans for nursing homes and cancer patients. You wouldn't think people would go nuts over afghans, but they do. We also had a variety of gifts bags and about twenty gift cards to give away this year. Rebekah handled it all.

Rebekah with "Uncle Bill," during the hall setup. Uncle Bill is a hard worker and has a heart of gold. He organizes the servers and still serves himself, the entire dinner, which runs from two o'clock to eight o'clock. He also helps set up and tear down.

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