Monday, April 24, 2017

Staying the Course

Although it's often frustrating finding enough time to work on my fiction projects (and I had to stop far too soon on Saturday for a work-related project), and I feel progress is slower than I wish, I'm quite encouraged by the amount I'm able to accomplish in my thirty-minute increments (most mornings).

These short bursts sharpen my focus, whether it's self-editing, honing in on a character description or scene, or filling in sections of the current chapter.

Although I love the increasingly rarer opportunities for spending many long hours composing, I'm nevertheless amazed at what I can do these tiny amounts of time.

During the in-between times, when I'm contemplating rather than actively writing, I'm able to mentally structure, a good antidote to writer's block.

This morning's surprise: I'm farther along in Henry's seventh chapter in Before the Blood than I previously thought. With hopeful stance and fingers crossed, I'm looking to finish it up within the week.

Anyway, these are my musings this Monday morning. Enjoy the day, vampire fans! :)

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