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Steward Setback Saturday: Ed Calkins (Finally) Gets His Due

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ed Calkins (Finally) Gets His Due

Busy day today, oh my!

I just looked up from editing Visage, noticed the sun had set, and checked the time. Wow, what a short day: some last minute gathering of information and adding of numbers before seeing my accountant this morning, a power walk, mail check, some editing, and BAM! The day's nearly done.

This past Thursday, Rebekah and I spent the day at Joliet West High School, where I had the privilege of speaking to one hundred freshman English students divided into four class periods. I'll post the details on Monday, but suffice to say that, because of it, Ed Calkins, Steward of Tara, is inches closer to legendary fame.

Several days before my engagement, the English teacher had emailed me a list of questions the students had compiled. One of the questions was, "Would you ever base a story on a real high school?"

That's when I informed the students Bryony contained one and only one character based on a real person. Then I proceeded to tell them about Ed Calkins, the first Irish vampire, who subdues his victims not through bloody attacks, but insulting limericks.

While I won't say the parade in Ed's honor is rapidly approaching, with each retelling of his story, it becomes more plausible. In the meantime, Ed needs to order his poet into action. It's been a long time since the steward has sent a blog post penned in his own (ahem) hand.

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