Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Calkins Day! A Primer and Tips for Celebrating

What is Calkins Day?

It's the official holiday of my BryonySeries, initiated for pretend by the real Ed Calkins himself.

It's a day to celebrate, via "parade" the fun and joy of the imagination.

First, a background of Calkins Day

Second, background on the "real" Ed Calkins

And thirdly, how I intend to celebrate. Feel free to join me in your own space in the world.

For starters, the right outfit. I ordered a red and white striped shirt, very similar to Ed Calkins' style at the distribution center. With the shirt, I'm wearing with jeans and gym shoes (far nicer than I ever wore in the distribution center).

Now for the parade.

A traditional Ed Calkins parade featured Prime Minister Dan Yates (also a distribution manager supervisor from our past), pulling the Steward of Tara himself (Ed Calkins) on a pallet jack, while Ed tossed candy to the carriers.

Now I don't have a pallet jack available to me (pity). But I can distribute newspapers and candy. I have a red Calkins Day candy bowl (to complement the shirt) filled with bite-sized wrapped chocolate ready to go.

Tomorrow morning, since I have permission to work from home, I'm buying several newspapers from the gas station across the street and leaving them with the front counter as freebies to customers in honor of Calkins Day.

Timothy and Daniel are each taking some candy to work, to keep the parade moving east (into Indiana) and west (the west side of Joliet, anyway).

I will carry the rest to work and leave it in the break room for others to enjoy.

Throughout the day, I will "toss" virtual candy pieces along the trail of my day. Rebekah is home today and she is making the Irish Soda Bread from the BryonySeries cookbook, sans yellow raisins. If you missed the posting of the recipe yesterday, you may get it here:

Finally, I will recap the day with an original limerick. Photos and limerick to follow in tomorrow's blog.

A joyous Calkins Day to you and yours!

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