Monday, January 16, 2017

George the Cat Needs a Home: Can You Help?

Once upon a time my son Christopher's cat Alex lived with us. He was the nicest kitty that ever lived.

This is Alex. Isn't he sweet?

My cats bullied him so Alex retaliated in true cat form.

He marked. Everywhere.

When we lost our Channahon home, we could not take a marking cat into a rental situation. The Will County Humane Society accepted him. He was adopted in a week.

This past summer, the same shelter submitted an owner return named George to The Herald News' Pets of the Week. George looked like Alex's double.

So I went to meet George. If this was my cat, I felt responsible to help rehome him. George was not Alex, but he was equally friendly and sweet. So now I feel responsible for finding George a home. And until he's adopted, it's likely he'll reappear on this blog.

Meet George. Can you help find him an owner that will cherish him? Thank you.

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