Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break?

So Rebekah and Daniel were on spring break last week and return to work and school today. It was a different sort of spring break.

For one, they were helping to care for Timothy's girl friend who was sick with mono while Tiimothy and I were at work.

Second, Daniel did work at JJC three of those days.

And third, they did an amazing amount (on their own, without being asked) of spring cleaning. Daniel especially went took the lead and even used his own money to purchase items for the townhome that he felt especially made it "homey."

They also rearranged and reorganized, all in good ways.

Having been the lead homemaker all of their lives, it was quite the wonderous experience for me to have someone else make the home. Everything feels sparkling clean, serene, peaceful. I even slept great the last two nights.

I am so appreciative.

I wish I'd taken photos. Maybe later...

For readers who are parents: If you ever wonder if the day in and day frustrations of molding your children into responsbible caring adults is worth is, it is. It really and truly is.

Just don't take credit for the results. 

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