Monday, March 28, 2016

Hello, Monday

It felt good working everyone else's Easter weekend.

It meant every editor had the holiday off, including me, when mine rolls around on May 1.

It meant the opportunity to catch up on some (not all; it was an ambitious list, but some) tasks I kept pushing back due to lack of time.

It meant working with two of the reporters, something I don't normally do.

It meant feeling good about having the upcoming weekend off. I have nothing planned (except fiction - Before the Blood -  on Saturday and church and health pages on Sunday).

It meant feeling good about helping out.

It meant feeling good about watching my youngest kids, now all adults, take commond of much of the household (I have my chores, which they did for me this weekend) and enjoying the fruits that come with the labors of others - and feeling proud of the adults they have become.

Monday morning mood over a delicious cup of dark roast: serene and anticipatory.

Hello, Monday. :)

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