Monday, December 28, 2015

A Good Time Was Had By All

The weather outside was frightful, but the time inside was delightful.

I spent my last vacation day of 2015 getting up early to work on Before the Blood, partake of a breakfast feast (homemade wildberry waffles and pancakes, sausage) prepared by Timothy and Daniel, followed by eight hours (more or less) of board games and UNO, in honor of Rebekah's twentieth birthday two years ago. (Don't ask).

We laughed; we argued; we laughed at each other: all hallmarks of good family fun. We even forgot to capture it in photos, even more of a hallmark of good family fun. Not even a selfie.

Last week, we had a scary health scare, which made for a partially horrible week (Christmas made up for it).

We've had a rough road the last few years, but we are thankful; we are blessed; and we are looking forward to the future and 2016 with joyful anticipation.

Just about sums it up, I think.

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