Monday, November 16, 2015

It Adds Up

A busy working weekend, but when the action slowed on Saturday night, I spent some time with Before the Blood.

When I finally closed up shop and went to bed, I took stock (all cliches intended) of the tiny progress I thought I'd made. Turns out I'd done better than I thought.

So in addition to the 1500 to 2000 words I'd written (and having manipulated the whole of the 3500 or so that currently comprise that chapter, yes I know it's not about the word count, just making a point here), I'd also researched:

* Printing presses of the 19th century, including the differences between wood and lead type, the oils used in the settings, fonts, and how the presses operated.

* How to string-up and salt large amounts of cod near the dock.

* Various Scandinavaian phrases (even texted one to a friend, just because. He ddin't comment).

* The varying opinions of public education in the 19th century, including some in-depth reading on Horace Mann

* Crullers: the spices used to flavor them in the 19th century and their vost, and if one could serve them for dessert (The answer is yes).

For those of us that write (or pretend that we do), there really is no substitute for, um, actually putting in some time. But don't waste odd bits of time. They really do add up.

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