Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Monday

Busy week ahead!

Since cramming a five-day-ish work week into three with early Thanksgiving deadlines is impossible, I've spread it out over the last few weekends, trying to get ahead. Still, as I glance at my schedule, an amazing amount of work still needs to be done. Strapping on the super powers!

The goal?

To concentrate on breaking news and projects without looming deadlines on Thursday, as I am the editor responsible for both newspapers on that day. The trade-off is that I get to spend Friday making piriohi with Rebekah and two of my grandchildren, while Timothy and Daniel put up the tree and decorate, and then enjoy a much-needed three-day weekend, which includes Before the Blood, of course.

I am so stoked! Watch out Munsonville, here I come!

Rebekah and I finished our St. Nicholas shopping on Saturday, well, except for regular-sized, regular-flavored (peppermint) candy canes, which seem to have dispppeared from shelves in favor of chocolate mint,  cinnamon, fruit-flavored, etc., blech!

Now that the kids are older and stretched across miles, we draw names of the adults and then names of the kids. We spend only $20 on the adults and $10 on the kids, and we do fill the stockings and not with useless junk, either. In fact, one year, Sarah had me and needed and extra stocking. We're that good!

Our family has recovered financially enough to once again host the St. Nicholas banquet at our church. Now that the congregation consists of a handful of elderly people plus clergy, no one is expecting St. Nicholas (Just about every man in the parish, as well as my sons, have filled that role over the years).

But I feel everyone needs a bit of surprise joy and magic in their lives. I received a donation of three boxes of lovely golden ornaments and, true to our form, am importing a St. Nicholas. Meaning, no one in our parish has ever met the man who is portraying the good bishop and distributing these lovely ornaments. Just in case a few do bring their grandchildren, we have extra ornaments, as well as gold coins...and candy canes, if can score any real ones.

Sorry for the scattered post, but that's the arrangment on my thoughts this morning. Time to put them to rights and get on it.

Happy Monday!

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