Monday, August 24, 2015

A Pause and a Return

I just returned from my first vacation in 20 years, actually the first real pause in my work life (except for surgery) in 20 years.

I hadn't intended not to post on social media or to blog, but the week naturally evolved into it, so I let it be.

I had two goals for this vacation: to go with the flow and to read Bryony, Visage, and Staked! seamlessly, one after the other, sometime I had never, ever done.

I accomplished both.

When Sarah and I both have a moment, I'll double-check with her the names of the places we visited and recap the things that we did. It was a week of adventure (my definition of "adventure"), fun and memorable experiences, the making of new friends and the strengthening of solid relationships, an underscoring of beliefs, and the start of fresh directions.

It was a quite a lot to pack into nine days.

Although we didn't get to do everything on the "the list," Sarah and I are compiling a new list of all the things we want to do next time. In the meantime, everyone else is moving in similar and opposite directions today: we are all - from my 8-year-old grandson Lucas and to my college kids - going back to work and/or school.

Once we arrived home on Saturday, Rebekah realized she was sick. Killer week this week for her, starting with a long work and school day. Please send up some "get well soon" wishes for her.

Updates to follow. Stay tuned! :)

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