Sunday, June 28, 2015

Not Shark Week...A Christian Reminiscent

The internet is an amazing thing.

Friday night was a sort-of nostalgic-ish trip back into my children's childhood/adolescent Christian-themed entertainment, when Christian programming was in its infancy.

Some of it appears extremely amateurish now and lends itself to spoofs and mock mockery; some of it is amazingly well-down even by today's standards; and all were tools I used to help introduce my kids to values and beliefs that hold eternal weight, values and beliefs that each of my children have incorporated in some way into their lives today.

In the end, all of the material whether they were straight-up clips or modified with comments, was just plain fun to watch.

Over the next week (or two), I'll share excerpts of stuff that shaped our lives.

Non-Christians might roll their eyes and deem these clips "brainwashing."

Fundamentlist Christians might be shocked at the dark humor in the spoofs that will provide plenty of inside giggles for my family.

Everyone else: sit tight, be inspired, and have a chuckle (or groan) or two at our expense. Heck, it's okay to even feel sorry for my kids.

Don't be mistaken: I'm quite serious about what I believe.

But that doesn't mean I can't laugh at some of our experiences on the road to get there.

Can I hear a rousing, "AMEN?"

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