Monday, June 8, 2015

Found This Little Midwifery Gem from 1671

Long for the good 'ol days, when everything was more "natural?"

You might change your mind after you read this. In 1671, Jane Sharp included in The Midwives Book, a recipe to accelerate the process of delivering a stillborn. Wonder what cocktail Dr. Gothart in the modern nineteenth century whipped up.

Take Oyl of worms, of Foxes, and of the Lillies of the Vallies, each alike, boyl a young blind Puppey in them, so long that his flesh part from the bones; then press forth all strongly, and add to the straining, Styrax, Calamint, Benzoin, Opopanax, Frankincense, Mastik, of each one dram, a little Aqua Vitae, a little wax; mix them and make of them an Ointment; then let her drink often of this Potion following.

Kind of makes ye olde Pitocin in an IV bag look less horrible.

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