Monday, April 13, 2015

Codfish for Breakfast?

Yes, codfish appeared on Bryony's breakfast tray, not a surprise for a nineteenth century fishing village. Melissa passed, but maybe a hearty serving of mashed fish and potatoes is just the thing you need to start your day.

On this particular morning, Melissa lifted the food trays and found potatoes mashed with fish, cottage cheese balls, rice pancakes, and sliced orange in syrup. It was not her typical breakfast back home, but it was surprisingly delicious, except for the potatoes, which she ignored. Bryony, Chapter15: Playing Bryony


Boiled potatoes, mashed
Codfish, cooked and mashed
Cream or milk

Mix potatoes and fish together, adding some cream or milk, and a little pepper, make them into round cakes an inch thick, and fry them in fresh lard.

From "Memories in the Kitchen: Bites and Nibbles From 'Bryony'"

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