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BryonySeries Throwback Thursday: "Bryony" Prequel Research List

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Bryony" Prequel Research List

The maxim "write what you know" delivers some truth, but since my experiential knowledgeconcerning many of the topics assigned to me or elements I'd like to include in my fictional pieces is sadly limited, I spend a happy chunk of my job in research.

As I sloooooowly work on Before the Blood, Bryony's prequel (Oh, for a nice-sized grant to sit in a wooded cabin for a couple of months), here are some of the items I'm investigating and/or refining in regards to any firsthand knowledge I might have (obviously, I have no firsthand knowledge of Victorian living):

   *  music schools, consevatories, and halls

   *  19th century Massachusetts

   *  19th century inns

   *  19th century Roman Catholic churches, New York area

   *  30 Years War

   *  herbal lore

   * Victorian love letters

   *  19th century home environments, all societal classes

   *  oil painting

   *  horticulture

   *  horses and not just Arabians

   *  19th century medicine and diseases

   *  Scandanavian culture

   *  baby names of the various time periods

This is not to mention the wonderful fun of deepening the personalities of existing characters and expounding on their back stories, as well as introducing an entire new cast of secondary places.

Truly, this is a most delightful way to pass the time. :)



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Denise M. Baran-Unland said...

With the actual writing feeling slow-going, it's heartening to look back and realize I've actually been quite busy. I've done nine of these; four don't matter yet; and Massachusetts actually became I guess I've done ten. ;)