Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Recap, Some Challenges

A bit of this, a bit of that, looking back, looking ahead...

* Stayed at work late on Friday to catch up, somewhat, on briefs

*  Errands on Saturday, fiction afternoon into evening, more briefs Saturday night

*  Church on Sunday, taught a class in the afternoon, prepared for Monday that night

This week: Working off site on Wednesday as one of my sons is having a biopsy on Wednesday.

This weekend: I have a mish mash of errands/appointments until late afternoon, then hope to hang out in fictionland until the caffeine quits working.

Monday: my last vacation day.

My challenge: I've developed a dental issue of unknown origin. My mouth hurts. Can't take typical pain killers because of allergies and/or all the antihistamines I take. Need to find time to see my dentist before I have a real problem AND still get everything else done.

My stupidity: I tend to put off these things until everything else is done. That, coupled with my overall lack of transportion, makes it easier to say, "I'll address it tomorrow." I've said that all last week, and my mouth still hurts. I think tomorrow has come.

Damn it, LOL.

On the happy side, I did write 1000 words on Saturday for Before the Blood that really pleased me. :)

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