Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Origin of "Calkins" and Story Round-Up

A bit of Steward geneology

And a summary of my writerly and editorly activity this week. On call this weekend, working tomorrow afternoon, and off and on Monday (my first vacation day, sort of), but still pecking away at the prequel. Thankful for "fall back!"

Former resident of Joliet low-income housing returns to motivate kids

Her major is psychology; her goal is to start a non-profit, which got a jump-start this summer with Project Better. If that wasn't enough, this amazing young woman is extremely visually impaired, something I did not know until I met her. A must-read story!

An Extraordinary Life: Former Joliet resident was an outstanding cardiologist and family man

His speciality was echocardiology. He was an excellent diagnostician and a devout Catholic.

No Excuse Mom - Joliet makes fitness fun and possible
By Jeanne Millsap

These moms want to be healthy, for themselves, for their families, and won't blame having kids for bad lifestyle habits. They just pack up the kids and bring 'em along.

Plainfield therapeutic riding program provides therapy to clients of all ages

Speech therapy, core strength, enhanced self-esteem, and the basics of baseball. Yes, baseball.

Teal pumpkin project makes Halloween safe for children on modified diets

Although Halloween is past, needing to eat differently from the rest of the world can be trick every day of the year, especially where treats are concerned. Here's some ideas to make it work.

Joliet church hosts Orphan Sunday Nov. 2
By Jeanne Millsap

A special workshop led by a pastor who puts his actions where his convictions are. Learn about the process of fostering and adopting, in case God is leading your heart into this direction.

Joliet woman teaches the art of homemade greeting cards

Yet, the value of those gatherings go beyond the giving and the receiving. Huh? Read on!

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