Thursday, May 21, 2020

To Uplift and Entertain You

Good morning!

Chasing after myself a little bit this morning - and that was after waking up at 2:30 a.m. with a GREAT line I couldn't wait to use in a story.

Except I couldn't wake up enough to write it down. So I just kept repeating it to myself until I was certain I had it. And then I woke up a couple more times, still repeating it, to make sure I didn't forget it.

That led into a very interesting and creepy dream about a movie I was semi-watching/ semi living ('cuz that's how dream work) about a husband and wife who think the other is trying to kill them.

It did star Bruce Willis.

Bits of the dream remain. The great line however, is long gone.

Today I'm sharing some of the positive, non-covid news happening around my community, along with some of the blogs (not mine) that I've recently read and enjoyed.

Hope you enjoy them, too.

Stay safe, stay well, be blessed.


D. 202 in Plainfield supports class of 202 with yard signs

Crest Hill teacher receives national educator award

D. 202 students earn top prizes in Plainfield library short story contest

Pets of the Week: May 18

Bolingbrook church opens micro food pantry

Will County announces first two Earth Day Passport winners

Romeoville HS senior named National Merit Scholarship Winner

Funds available to help income-eligible households with utility bills

JCHS Alumni Spotlight: Guadalupe Medina, class of 2019

Teachers at D. 202 in Plainfield show support for graduating senior


WRITERS ARE READERS: "The Romance Writer's Phrase Book"

"Whatever It May Be" by R. Michael Markley

"Thank You, Dr. Whoever You Are" by Kenneth Lee McGee

"Positively Sunrise" by Mauverneen Blevins

"What A Publisher Can Offer (And What They Shouldn't Offer)" by James Pressler

"Placing Yourself In Your Story" by James Pressler

“I Don’t Want a Dead Bird!” By Ken McGee

"Just because something happened doesn't mean it is automatically believed. Non-fiction isn't a stamp of approval."

"Positively Routine" by Mauverneen Blevins

Illustration by Kathleen Rose Van Pelt for "Bryony."

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