Thursday, May 14, 2020

A Very Sweet, BryonySeries Mother's Day

A very tiny "throwback" today to Mother's Day this past Sunday.

On Monday, I shared the "bitter" part of the bittersweet. Now let's have the sweet - with most of the spoiling coming from Timothy's girlfriend Jasmine.

And when I say "sweet" I do mean actual items that were very sweet (and very delicious). So, yeah, I did ignore, somewhat, the prediabtes this week.

Also, Daniel's girlfriend Cindy stopped my the house on Friday to drop off A LOT of masks and hand sanitizer. We did a window visit and fake hugs. I haven't seen in her in a couple of months, so that was a wonderful surprise as she rose down from Chicago to do that.

The rest of the items gave a very lovely nod to my BryonySeries. And because we are still in the middle of the pandemic and are still social distancing, the rest of the festivities came in the form of texts, gifs, and snaps.

So here's the roundup. First off, this lovely purple box from Jasmine. And inside it contained...

A stunning "purple rose," very worthy of Henry.

A homemade mask, made with material that hinted at my made-up variation of bryony vines and little purple flowers that we'll pretend are roses - again, from Jasmine.

A variety of homemade treats: banana bread (most of which is gone), something with peanuts (which I shared with the rest of the family as I can't eat peanuts), chocolate-coffee macaroons (delicious!), apple scones (all gone), butter pecan Gloria Jean coffee (which I have not tried yet because I don't like flavored coffee - but it IS Gloria Jean's and it did come from Jasmine, so I will try it), and jelly cream cheese bars (also all gone).

Yes, these were all from Jasmine.

Now you're probably wondering why cleaning supplies are lurking in the background. Well, that's because...

...Jasmine also bought A LOT of cleaning supplies. Not the typical Mother's Day gift but very much appreciated in the middle of a pandemic.

And speaking of appreciation, Rebekah voluntarily assumed all of the cleaning since she was furloughed in mid-March. So she was also very happy to see them.

Speaking of Rebekah, she made these homemade chocolate chip cookies with homemade double chocolate mousse (white and dark), which chilled in the refrigerator on the tray because of the mousse.

As of this morning, only one remained. Even that may be gone now...

The real purple roses (and other roses, for John grew the other varieties at Simons Mansion) came from Timothy.

And finally my own mother texted me some flowers she has in front of her fireplace. She lives in North Carolina. I called her that day and sent her a picture of the flowers from Timothy.

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