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Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, April 29 through May 4

Good morning!

I am learning a couple new systems at work and, like any new learner, it's taking me some time to navigate the curves.

That said, I'm hoping once I nail, I'll have time to write a couple more stories each week.

And speaking of stories, I have things to write, and things that are soon due. So let's recap the stories that appeared in features this week.

But first, where to find some things, social media, and the BryonySeries Inaugural Blog Tour.

You can find details about the tour right HERE. (yes, I'm going on tour, but not really).

And now for...

Non-bylined features:

Monday through Saturday I assembled my non-bylined works - brief posts and calendar listings - into one convenient file and posting them on Facebook in the evening, so readers can easily choose the ones they want to read.

 One can also find those event listings, the Gotta Do It calendar, as well as the pets, health, faith, and arts and entertainment calendars, under the sections tab on the left hand side of Click on "features" and the topics drop down.  Gotta Do It runs under "people."

Community news? Again, under the sections tab, under features, and by topic. Updates are posted on these days in print and web (and some only on web on other days as I have the time): Monday (pets), Tuesday (health), Thursday (faith), Friday (arts and entertainment), and Sunday (people).

Social media:

Daily updates: I do post the briefs and calendars on Twitter during the week, so you're welcome to follow me at @Denise_Unland61.

BryonySeries stuff: I post curated content relating to the BryonySeries at @BryonySeries. And assorted related content at And of course, please follow the adventures of Bertrand the Mouse on Instagram at bertrand_bryonyseries.

If you're a writer anywhere in the world, you're welcome to jon WriteOn Joliet's Facebook page at We're based in Joliet, Illinois, but we love to meet and interact with writers outside our area, too.

Books and Such

Information on my books (including where to buy) along with upcoming events is at

Thank you for reading The Herald-News. And for reading this blog. And if you've read (or plan to read) any of my books. And for those who came out to WriteOn Joliet's open mic night last night. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Making the world a better place
Lincoln-Way North grad raising money for Kenya orphanage 

Fundraiser this weekend. Tons of photos of kids, with smiling faces, who need your help.

An Extraordinary Life: Joliet barber was a 'good guy to be around' 

My ex-husband texted me yesterday and said "the brothers" at Caterpillar where he worked (and where this barber also worked) really enjoyed this story. Hope you do, too!

'So much more than a workout' 
FIT4MOM offers unique exercise program for mothers, New Lenox location opens May 10 

A new way for moms to get in shape without leaving their babies behind.

Mystery Diner: Big Fish Grille in Wilmington does it right 

You see, this place might be in the middle of Illinois, but the fish is fresh and quality.

'A total treasure in every way'
Joliet woman blesses Plainfield church with her creativity

There is no quote that says it better than the title. One of those stories that must be read to be believed.

Finding the perfect gift for Mom
Joliet area readers share ideas on social media 

A few of these ideas may surprise you. And the author (moi) had Mother's Day come early because of it.

Artworks: Morris Watercolor Guild teaches the art of painting with watercolor

One member has two shows today, including the guild's show in Morris. Read on for details.

LocalLit author spotlight: Tom Hernandez of Plainfield 

Sign up for the newsletter today and read Hernandez's story next week!

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