Monday, May 28, 2018

"Heroism in the Workplace" Tour Host: Topher Gleason

I scheduled this particular blog stop for today because I feel its topic is appropriate for Memorial Day, a day to commemorate heroism.

While heroism in the workplace (or the home or anywhere else) is not the same as losing one's life on the battlefield for freedom, standing up for one's beliefs or for the sake of another is never easy.

I find such actions inspiring as does Topher Gleason, Customer Experience Manager at Digital Dealership System, who hosted me on his LinkedIn page today.

On his LinkedIn page, Topher describes himself in the following way: "I strive to ensure excellent service for clients with no objection to traveling a majority of the time. Seventeen years sales experience, eight years sales training experience and seven years management experiences, makes me a very well rounded game changer.

"I am an excellent communicator with the ability to do both online and in-person demonstrations to one or five hundred plus.

"I have a fruitful sales track record with ability to bond effectively in all mediums."

Topher not only tries to model heroism, he believes in mentoring (He is a former Big Brother) and inspiring others in word and deed. I tried to write a post that reflected those characteristics.

You may read it here:

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