Monday, April 16, 2018

Upcoming Blog Tour

I wrote my first official poem this weekend!

A BryonySeries-themed poem, of course.

Now it required some back and forth conversation with local writer Holly Coop to revise it just right.

But this poem, along with some other fun writings (including essay-style posts and some themed Q and A's) will be featured in my first BryonySeries blog tour this May.

A blog tour has been on my wish list since I started the series more than a few years ago. During my research into these online tours, I've found they exist in two types: fee-paying companies (out of my budget, uncertain results/reaches) and vague instructions for setting up one of your own.

I finally went with the latter, for a couple of reasons.

1) I wanted to get a feel for structuring and participating in one.

2) I wanted to do a little more cross-promotion for certain blogs I already cross-promote on my personal Twitter account.

3) I wanted to write about the steps taken in hosting, so other authors can run one of their own.

4) If it went well and I liked it, I'd have the foundation to reach out to bloggers I have not yet met to set up a second tour.

5) And then repeat the steps.

So this weekend, instead of writing fiction, I wrote six pieces for the following blogs. And please feel free to check them out now; you don't have to wait until May.

* Holly Coop (Writer Beeme)

* Tom Hernandez: (Fifty and Counting: This and That from a New AARP Member)

* Topher Gleason (Blogs on LinkedIn) Read one of his posts at

* Sue Midlock (The Unbeaten Heart)

* Allie Rios (More Than Just a Mom)

* Vanessa Stephens (Life in the Middle)

This list may expand as I've contacted a few other bloggers, too.

If you blog and would like to be included in my first tour, message me at

Have a great Monday readers, writers, and vampire fans! :)

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