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Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, March 18 through March 23

Readers in the Joliet area: ready for some spring snow?

For my church, the timing couldn't be worse. Our only fundraiser for the year, our annual spaghetti dinner, which we've been hosting almost six decades now, is tomorrow. Our workers and patrons are mostly elderly people, and they tend to stay home in bad weather (can't say I blame them).

Today: all Sunday deadlines must be complete by noon because the afternoon is full of interviews. And I have to cover an event later today. Oh, and I have a high school student shadowing me for part of the day. Should be fun! :)

Still, hoping to get to bed early, so I can get up early and work on Before the Blood before I have to head up to St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Homewood, where the spaghetti dinner will be held from 2 to 8 p.m.

So if you're looking for some great food, feel free to stop in tomorrow.

Have a great Friday, readers, writers, and vampire fans! :)

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Meeting new people a full-time job for Plainfield Area Chamber hire
She talks up local businesses and makes new residents feel welcome

“Basically, I get to meet and greet all the new residents that move into the area and I get to bring them goodies.”

That’s exactly what Alena “AJ” Sokoloski said she does all day long as the new public relations director/residential greeter for the Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

An Extraordinary Life: If a job was worth doing, Edward did it well
Joliet man lived patriotism and service to others 

 A newspaper article written when Edward Vercelli was 21 said that the success of the Army Air Forces’ B-29 Pacuson Dreamboat 9,500-mile nonstop flight from Hawaii to Cairo was partly because of Edward, then a navigator in the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron based in Meeks Field, Iceland.

Joliet woman finds home for cats, rats and dogs

The rescue is hosting a fundraiser March 24 to help with medical expenses and "for people to have a good time," Tana Labuda said.

'We're not the same on the inside'
Members of #Joliet support group discuss life with brain injuries 

“I didn’t realize how much I could do until I couldn’t,” Molly Snodgrass, founder, said. “Everything has changed. My hobbies have changed. My interests have changed. I’m almost a different person.”

‘Like a blind man trying to race a car’
Joliet man gives insight into living with a traumatic brain injury 

“We get happy, sad, mad, etc., faster than others because we have dead parts in our brains where our brains are trying to rewire to try to figure things out faster and this turns into overload," Brian Zook wrote.

Mystery Diner: A.B. Gusto's food in Crest Hill is worth a stop

The pot roast, by the way, is a specialty there and worth your time. it's tender, flavorful and I would consider ordering it on its own or on those previously mentioned nachos in the future.

Preparing the Lockport area community for the way of the Lord 

 “I think it’s got a great message about love and faith,” Jenni White said. “And I think it’s a good example of who we are as a church.”

The church will present “Godspell” on Friday and Saturday.

A home business so strong, even Amazon took note
Plainfield woman found sucess on Etsy and Amazon Homemade

 "I actually put four to six things on there thinking, 'If I sell one thing a month, I'll be happy. I'll have some extra pocket money,'" Nicky Scott said. "That's really all it was."

Illustration by Matt Coundiff for "Visage." Follow him at or @MattCoundiff on Twitter.

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