Tuesday, March 13, 2018

So I Had This Dream Last Night...

...that I was sitting in a meeting of WriteOn Joliet.

One of the people present hadn't attended in a long while. This morning, I used that opportunity to reach out to her. But here's the main focus of the dream

Another member, who has been working on a young adult fantasy trilogy for a number of years, just purchased her ISBNs (the true part).

At the meeting, she pulled out a chapter to read, along with the series' very last chapter, which she had given me to read and was crumpled. To me, this indicated she had read and re-read my comments on it, taking them somewhat to heart as she revised.

Before she could explain why she was reading the very last chapter, I interrupted and told her she should not read it, that members will probably want to read her trilogy, and that sharing the last chapter may spoil the experience for them.

At this point, my co-leader remonstrated me, both for interrupting and for thinking for everyone else.

I got a little sulky about it, and the author, looking disappointed, put the last chapter away. My alarm soon went off, and I woke up still mentally arguing the point. I came to the conclusion that I should be more mindful about letting others speak before offering my opinion and let adults decide for themselves.

On the other hand (LOL), I still think I was (overall) correct in my judgment. Still, I'll never know for certain because I never listened to the author's rationale for sharing it - or in hearing the reasons why the other members might like to hear it at that meeting.

Dreams are fascinating, and I use that concept in my trilogy, especially the first one. Certain dreams stand out more than others, some for decades, and I'm more likely to recall dreams if I write them down.

How about you? Do you ever receive insight through dreams?


More Than "Just Mom" said...

Dreams are a main source of material for me when I write. It's so strange that you reached out to me today - I've been sulking at home and trying to keep busy, and hubs told me yesterday, "Why don't you start meeting with your writing group again? You've really missed that."

Denise M. Baran-Unland said...

And we've missed you! :)