Monday, January 22, 2018

Music, Book, and Candle

Are you planning to read (or re-read) the BryonySeries this year?

Consider two other related products for a complete experience: a CD of ten original BryonySeries piano songs by James Onohan and a soy candle in one of five BryonySeries scents.

First, the backstory behind the CD:

After Mrs. Clements had already returned Melissa’s library card, she reached under the counter. “I almost forgot. Here’s something else you might like.” She handed Melissa a record album. “This just came.”

The top of the cover read, "The Best-Loved Compositions of John Simons," and featured a picture of the musician sitting at a piano. Melissa turned the album over to the back and blinked in disbelief. She was face to face with her grandmother’s music box.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Onohan created the CD for us. For more information on James, the music, and how to buy the CD, go HERE.

Second, we have soy candles in several sizes available for purchase in five BryonySeries scents, all created by Valeries's Heavenly Scents.

The five scents are Bryony, Purple Rose, Sue's Diner, Lake Munson, and Simons Woods.

For more information on the BryonySeries line, including sizes, pricing, and ordering, email us at

Now try reading the series by flickering candlelight with piano music in the background.

Have a beautiful Monday, readers, writers, and vampire fans! :)

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