Friday, June 9, 2017

Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, June 4 through June 9

Last weekend was a busy on-call blur, I don't even recall my weekend plan list.

That said, here are my goals for this weekend:

Finish Henry's chapter nine. Ten is done, so finishing this one means only one more novel to go!

Fix the copy errors in Cornell (an independent party did the edits last weekend)

Add the Cornell reviews to the website.

Work on the second book in the Adventures of Cornell Dyer series: Cornell Dyer and the Necklace of Forgetfulness.

Art for the second Bertrand book (Bertrand's First Book of Numbers) is nearly done.

And be sure to check out the new look for Sue's Diner on Sunday, with links right here on this blog.

Now for my "real" writing.

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Thank you for reading The Herald-News.

Joliet resident caring for the homeless through a new foundation

Larry Mays’ foundation aims to lead people out of adversity

Mays said he’s been shot, served time, done drugs and sold drugs.

“God rescued me from all that,” Mays said. “I felt it was my obligation as a human being to go back and reach for some of those still lost.”

An Extraordinary Life: Joliet woman was a caring, hardworking survivor
Sally Conley beat the odds in so many ways

“How she made it to 82, I don’t know,” Kathy Conley, Sally's daughter, said. “She would say to me, ‘Why am I still here?’ And I would say, ‘Because you’re Irish and you’re stubborn, that’s why. And we’re fighters.’ ”

Pets of the Week: June 5

See what pets are available for adoption.

Mystery Diner: Aisha’s Southern Cuisine is a soul food experience

Before we left, I wanted to try the caramel cake ($3), but Aisha’s didn’t have any that day. That’s when my friend pointed out the dessert I’d overlooked: sweet potato cheesecake ($4.50).

Oh heart, be still.

Plainfield preschoolers make zen garden for memory care residents
School project at KLA Schools of Plainfield has therapeutic benefits

 “While learning about sand, we incorporated the many uses of sand, where sand comes from and how sand is developed,” Debbie Wozniak, preschool teacher, said. “From that, Sandy came up with the idea of a zen garden because zen gardens have sand in them.”

Sandy LeBlanc is the other, Wozniak, is another preschool teacher.

Artworks: Recreating the Philippines’ essence in art

This former abstract artist and retired teacher will exhibit three of her favorite pieces as well as several other prints on Saturday at the fourth annual Piyesta Pinoy Festival in Bolingbrook.

"They go back to my time, when I was a kid growing up, the things that I saw,” Tita Recometa Brady of Joliet said.

Cornerstone Services in Joliet to hold 3rd art show
By Jessica Spangler

Types of artwork will include drawings and paintings, weavings, photographs and decorated objects. Many artists will be present to answer questions. The photography portion of the show is new and incorporates commentary on why each photograph was taken.

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