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Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, May 28 through June 2

I have this one lone day of working on Before the Blood before my weekend editor duties commence, and I am relishing it.

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Plainfield man accidentally discovers his connection to American Legion post

Jim Smith is last living link to American Legion Marne Post 13

Jim learned that his father enlisted in the U.S. Army on Feb. 11, 1917. He did his basic training at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, and then was sent to Texas as a mounted cavalry in pursuit of Pancho Villa along the border.

“I can’t imagine my father galloping on a horse,” Jim said. “Then they entered the war and turned all these cavalry men into infantry men, and he was in one of the first troops that went to France.”

An Extraordinary Life: Lockport couple's love immortalized in decorative brick
John Guenard created a tribute to his wife, Irene

“It was his way of letting mom know he loves and misses her,” Jenny Lietke of Lockport, their daughter, said. “Neighbors were impressed. ... What a love story – if we all could have that kind of love.”

Pets of the Week: May 30

Click on the caption of each photo to find out about that pet, including where he or she can be adopted.

Despite new name and location, Joliet center still fosters independence in people with disabilities
Disability Resource Center advocates, teachers, supports and empowers

Missy Martin, interim director for the Disability Resource Center in Joliet while executive director Pam Heavens is on leave, said the center receives many calls with requests for senior housing.

That was the main reason why the former Will-Grundy Center for Independent Living in Joliet is now doing business as the Disability Resource Center. But the center is, and will always be, a place that helps people with disabilities to live independently, Martin said.

“We served a little over 738 last year,” Martin said.

Giovan’s in Crest Hill serves family-style Italian food

If you like generous servings, Giovan’s is the place for you. My sandwich had enough Italian beef for two meals, so I ate half the sandwich and thick-cut chips there and brought the rest home for later.

Joliet woman writes inspirational book based on Proverbs 31
Teneise Chandler explores the concept of Christian womanhood in new book

The Proverbs 31 ideal, Chandler realized, is a woman who is skilled, willing to work and provide for her household, a storehouse of wisdom and an angel to the poor. She is someone who is worth more than rubies.

“So many girls don’t know what they’re worth,” Chandler said. “When they don’t know what they’re worth, anyone can come along and beat them up.”

The Joliet Rocket offers a VIP experience into the 1940s

“Everyone knows what the Polar Express is,” said Kelly Lynch, vice president of the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society Inc. “This is the Polar Express that operates more than one day a year.”

Artworks: Morris venue to host stage adaptation of 'The Birds'
Nonprofit Latitude 41 to produce stage show of classic suspense story

“It’s very much a character piece,” Director Al Pindell of Shorewood said. “It’s a little bit of a thriller; it has twists and turns. And while you don’t see the birds in the play, you hear them. They’re constantly present in the show with all kinds of bird sounds, in addition to the scratching and thumping as they try to get into the house.”

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