Monday, May 1, 2017

Too Cute Not To Share: Jessica Turns 3

Last week we held an impromptu birthday celebration for my three-year-old granddaughter Jessica at my townhome.

After her parents' original plans fell apart, we invited everyone to come up for cupcakes and fun. Jessica's mom Amber brought a chicken nugget dinner for the kids, and Jessica made her own cupcakes (with Aunt Rebekah's help) and frosted them in her color of icing, blue, because we didn't have red food coloring to make pink.

Ezekiel, nearly five, sported a bump near his eye he got while playing at school and demonstrated his gardening skills.

Riley, who won't be a year in July, just chilled. Uncles Daniel and Timothy rounded off the fun, especially the way Uncle Daniel kept the young 'uns amused.

Daddy Joshua unfortunately had to work but made plans to take Jessica shopping for an extra-special birthday gift.

So hear ya go: a recap in ten photos. Happy Monday, vampire fans! :)

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