Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Moment When One of Your Kids Gets It

I submit a very nice piece, composed by my fourth adult child, Timothy Michael Baran. Used with permission.

"For it is not the good or the bad in a person that separates us from understanding each other's pain. 

"Nor is it the wandering eye of the poor or the full hand of the rich that separates us as a society, but rather the ignorance to not accept one's fellow man as an equal. 

"To not stand shoulder to shoulder with him in times of trouble and to not lean on him in times of despair and weariness. 

"It is for this reason greatness will never be achieved by the human race. 

"Forever we will reach for the stars and only grab ideas as we confine ourselves in the greatest prison of the ages. 

"Our ego."

T. M. Baran 

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