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Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, May 14 through May 19

The biggest news this week is...we have a new website!

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The great thing is that Rebekah kept the integrity of Sarah's design while updating it for mobile. The look is clean and user-friendly. I am a happy author indeed.

Weekend plans: Well, I'm the weekend editor, so that's one.

Finish editing last week's work on Henry's chapter eight is two.

Finishing the writing portion of said chapter eight is three.

Shooting Bertrand's First Book of Numbers is four.

Making some headway on Cornell and the Necklace of Forgetfulness is five.

And catching up on some briefs for work is six.

Will I get it all done? Well, we shall see.

And now...

First, the non-bylined work: the health, faith, and arts and entertainment calendars. Three of them can be found at this link:. Plenty of health briefs this week, as my health cover fell through. Be sure to check them out.

Gotta Do It, runs each Sunday and often stays on the home page throughout the week.

Feature briefs for Tuesday (health), Thursday (faith), Friday (Arts and Entertainment), and Sunday (People) are also edited (texted and photos) by the lady of this blog, but only the stories have bylines.

A really awesome Mother's Day story! If you don't read anything else, scroll through this one. It's a series of photos of local readers with their mothers, along with the best advice they ever received from their moms.

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If you'd like to watch a video, and it's not showing up for you, message me, and I'll manually attach it. No worries for this week, though, although I will have videos for Sunday.

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Joliet area residents share the best advice they received from their mothers

“Mother knows best.”

Most of us have heard this saying at least once in our lives, perhaps when we were young and our mothers gave us advice we didn’t want to follow. But now as adults looking back, we’re able to appreciate her sagacity.

So today, we offer a collection of wisdom as Joliet area residents share their own mother’s best advice.

An Extraordinary Life: Minooka man was a saucy kind of guy
Randy Buck made 75 varieties of barbecue sauce

One flavor, peanut butter and jelly chipotle, was as perfect for dipping onion rings as it was for adding to burgers, Kelly Strache said.

Pets of the Week: May 15

Click on the caption of each photo to find out about that pet, including where he or she can be adopted.

Mystery Diner: Embers Tap House in Lockport has unique food and beers

They also offer a kids menu for the not-so-easy-to-please subset. Embers' unique mac and cheese with penne pasta and sauce with fries on the side was enjoyed and finished entirely, with nothing left on the plate.

Joliet church breaks new ground in its ministry

Messiah Lutheran Church is ready to build its Family Life Center

“We’ve taught them the joy of giving, of putting the needs of others ahead of their own sometimes,” Rev. David Nygard, senior pastor, said. “And God has honored that.”

Honoring a Joliet police officer's memory with butterflies
Pair of stenciled butterflies find home at Bicentennial Park

The fundraising aspect of the Butterfly Effect is simple. People take pictures of themselves next to the butterflies and post to social media, Sandy Gerrettie said. The Joseph L. Gerrettie Blue Line Heroes Foundation will receive $1 for each posting, she said.

Money raised will go toward training more therapy dogs, Sandy said.

Artworks: Joliet church shows its 'arty' side with fine arts exhibit and concert
Grace United Methodist Church celebrates its creativity

Words of Wisdom: “Art lasts a lifetime, whether you’re 3 or 83. The arts can touch everybody and that’s why we should keep them around and celebrate the talents God gave us.”

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