Friday, May 5, 2017

Story Round-Up: Features in The Herald-News, April 30 through May 5

Ever ask yourself, "Where did the week go?"

Me, today.

In a blur of deadlines and great projects, the days passed, and a fiction weekend is upon me.

But first, I must accomplish more deadlines, a long day of interviews (my last is a meeting with a church group at 6:30 p.m. - who really wanted to meet at 7 p.m.). Running on a slightly empty tank. I prayed for the media at a National Day of Prayer event last night at a town about forty minutes away.

Extra coffee for moi today!

And now...

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Joliet photographer giving negative image of men an upgrade

Chris Braggs wants to inspire young black men to be their best

It all started because Chris Braggs, 38 and father of two preschoolers, didn’t like the negative perception of black men in his Facebook news feed.

Men fighting with each other. Kids walking around with sagging pants.

“To me, it showed no self-pride or self-worth,” Braggs said. “I didn’t like it at all.”

An Extraordinary Life: Bolingbrook woman had a H.E.A.R.T for youth
Joann Robinson helped give youth the second chance they needed

“She graduated over 3,000 students from this program,” Darryl Anderson ofWiscon, Joann's brother said. “She kept in contact with each one of those students. Each year, those kids received a handwritten birthday card from Joann Robinson.”

Pets of the Week: May 1

Click on the caption of each photo to find out about that pet, including where he or she can be adopted.

Plainfield group serves up food, information and support to patients with celiac disease
Gluten Free Wikaduke Support Group keeps celiac patients on track

A major focus is food and food preparation, said Tracy Caswell, of Shorewood and a group co-founder, said. This may include cooking demonstrations and dietitian guest speakers, along with sharing recipes and offering tips about gluten-free products and restaurants that serve gluten-free menu items.

“We’ve even done beer tasting,” Caswell said. “Everyone brings in a bottle of favorite beer – or buys one they’d like to try – and we do little shot glasses of beer.”

Mystery Diner: Chefy’s Kitchen serves the best homemade food around

We were curious as to how Chefy’s Kitchen’s poor boys compared with those served at other venues and the way each of us prepares them at home.

The menu said they came with a garlic paste; the server said this was a mixture of garlic and olive oil.

We like olive oil. We like garlic. We were sold.

Bolingbrook pastor pens book about the road to radical Christian love
'The Panther at the Cross' is a historical novel about Christian activism

Too often, according to Calvin Quarles, author of "The Panther at the Cross" and pastor of the Church at Bolingbrook, Christians act as if they're supposed to be docile and quiet, "as if Christ intended them to be the doormat of the world."

3 plant sales in New Lenox area benefit people with disabilities
Horticulture programs for people with disabilities offer many advantages

Trinity Services’ horticulture program’s spring sale opens May 5. In addition, the Lincoln-Way Transition Program will host its flower and vegetable sale on May 6 and May 13.

A spring plant sale May 6, May 13 and May 20 will benefit the House of Blooms program at Lincoln-Way East High School in Frankfort.

Artworks: Shorewood resident's STEM book recognized by national teacher's organizations (VIDEO EXTRA)
‘Emmet’s Storm’ receives Best STEM Books designation

“It felt good to see my book listed with books by Harper Collins and other publishers,” Ann Rubino, 77, of Shorewood, said.

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