Monday, April 10, 2017

The First Cornell Dyer Book is Released - Finally!

It was a project I began in 2013 before the well failed at our house in Channahon, and we had to move in a hurry.

The goal was to release three Cornell Dyer chapter books for children in third to seventh grades (depending on reading level and ability) and four Bertrand the Mouse books.

Since then, it's been one each. But the release of Cornell Dyer and the Missing Tombstone comes with a bonus I've not had with the other books: ten students at a local Montessori school who have offered to read and review the book as a class project.

Did you hear my excited whoops?

After nine months of being displaced at my mother's house, I was hired at The Herald-News and four of us finally moved into a four-room apartment - and a year later upgraded to a two-bedroom townhouse.

I've continued to write and learn. More importantly, the people who help me with the skills I don't have, continue to learn and help me.

I still have a goal of three Cornell and our Bertrand a year. A Christmas Bertrand book is ready for formatting and a third is in the works. I've already begun a second Cornell book and had some initial art talks with my "Cornell" illustrator Sue Midlock.

Eventually, Cornell Dyer and the Missing Tombstone will be available on the bryonseries website. Please be patient, as we (meaning Rebekah and Sarah) are working on upgrading that website to mobile friendly.

I'm also contemplating the best social media forum for Cornell. I have some vague ideas for adding puzzles and games to the website, but I'd like a social media spot for the series, too. Ideas welcome.

In the meantime, order it from Amazon here:

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