Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sick: Taking a Social Media Break Today

Daniel, who's been sick most of the week, is still running a temperature, although it's now low-grade.

Faith, one of our cats who is also sick, is improving.

After I write a story for Monday's Herald-News that was due yesterday, I'm taking the rest of the day off.

I debated still working the spaghetti dinner, but I can't be around food, have no voice to run raffle, and don't want to get the customers sick, as most of them are elderly. It's very disappointing because it's the only event our church, which is made up of a handful of seniors, hosts, and we don't have enough people to work it.

Plus, Rebekah made one hundred long loaves of bread for the garlic bread and baked six large desserts. She, along with Timothy and Daniel, are key players this year. As a mom who's watched them grow up in this church, I really wanted to see them in action.

Well, Daniel is now staying home, too.

Hopefully, I'll be good to go tomorrow, as I have an event to cover in the afternoon.

It's a beautiful Saturday, writers, vampire fans, and everyone else. Enjoy!

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